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Are you looking for training in PROFIBUS, PROFINET, OPC communications, remote access, condition monitoring and other areas from the field of industrial automation? We will be happy to share our extensive experience with you. FOXON has been involved with industrial automation since 2006.

Our trainers, who are field technicians and application engineers, are faced with everyday problems on our customers' premises. This allows them to gain detailed insight into the issues related to the deployment of all the systems and products that they give training in. That is why our courses offer much more than theoretical training. You receive a lot of information about particular cases, which will help you put this information to good use on your factory floor.

Basic information about our training courses:


The Basics of PROFIBUS & PROFIBUS Diagnostics, 2 Days

In this course, you will learn the basics of PROFIBUS DP/PA network management and diagnostics using the cutting-edge ProfiTrace 2 analyser from the company PROCENTEC. The course takes roughly 6 hours and includes both the theory and, above all, the practice of PROFIBUS management and diagnostics. It is open to a maximum of 10 participants.

The Basics of PROFINET & PROFINET Diagnostics, 2 Days

All PROFINET components are susceptible to wear and are, by nature, growing obsolete. That is why they require regular predictive maintenance. This course aims to introduce you to the basics of PROFINET communications and diagnostics and the tools for assessing and improving the quality of these communications.

OPC Communications | KEPServerEX | OPC Router

Effective monitoring of technologies and production in every plant relies on an all-in-one method of data collection and processing. One of the most popular communication protocols for this purpose, which enables data exchange between diverse systems, is the OPC protocol. In the past few years, not only the protocol but key components of these communications – OPC servers – have been refined. Some people work with OPC communications in most of their projects. This course is for those who have met OPC on their plant floor, but have not had a chance to learn more about it.

Information for Those Interested

Throughout the year we give the training above in Czech. However, if requested we will be happy to provide it in English for you.

Feel free to request our price quote. It will include:

  • All-day refreshments
  • Lunch
  • Printed materials
  • Certificate of course completion
  • Consultancy by the trainer

(The price quote for a two-day training course does not include accommodation.)

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    The FOXON Academy Training Centre is based at FOXON s.r.o., Česká 615/25, Liberec – Vesec. The centre is designed in such a way that it facilitates theoretical as well practical instruction. It boasts panels with industrial automation products, showing how these products operate on the factory floor. These panels enable us to give demonstrations of various products and setups. In addition, the centre features special kits designed for testing and training purposes.

    Our courses are open to a maximum of 8 participants unless stated otherwise. This number reflects our intention to be able to cater for individual needs and offer personalised training. Courses take roughly 5–6 hours and are divided into three sessions, with a coffee break and a lunch break between them.

    What does our training centre look like? Explore our Photo Gallery.


    Ing. Jaromír Peterka 
    Jaromír is the heart and soul of FOXON. He specialises in training in "FOXON-style" condition monitoring and industrial communications. Jaromír can deliver all his courses in Czech and English.

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    Photo Gallery – FOXON Training Centre

    Vstupní hala do FOXONu
    Vstup do firmy FOXON
    Školící místnost č. 1 - PROFIBUS, PROFINET, OPC a sběr dat
    Školení FOXON
    Vstupte do naší školící místnosti
    Školící místnost č. 1 - detail
    Školící panely s živými ukázkami
    Pracovní prostor pro 6-8 účastníků - školení FOXON
    Spolupráce s kolegou - školení FOXON
    Školení programování s tréninkovými stolicemi
    Školení programování - lektor vám kdykoliv během školení poradí
    Školení programování - není jen o prezentacích, ale i o vyzkoušení si naprogramování
    Školení programování - až skutečné vyzkoušení dané situace dělá z našich účastníků školení mistry
    Školící místnost č. 2 - programování PLC - pracovní pomůcky (S7-300, S7-1200, S7-1500)
    Programování PLC - pracovní pomůcka
    Katalog automatizace 2020 - školení FOXON
    Školení FOXON - detail

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