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Access Your Control Systems Remotely

Today reliable, secure Internet connection allows for remote access to control systems, industrial computers, web cameras and other devices in industry as well as other areas. If any of these devices fails, remote access enables a technician to troubleshoot the problem faster, as they do not have to travel to the site. Using their PC they simply connect to the remote access router linked to that device, via a secure VPN tunnel.

Remote access allows you to:

  • Carry out preventative maintenance device checks
  • Repair device faults
  • Back up PLC programs
  • Adjust device settings

Getting started with remote access

Watch our video tutorial. You will learn:

  • How to choose the right router for your remote access
  • What security mechanisms are in place to ensure reliable, secure connection
  • How to create a Talk2M cloud service account (Part 3 of our video series)
  • How to pair an Ewon router with the Talk2M cloud service (Part 3)
  • How to remotely access a Siemens Simatic S7-300, an S7-1500 or a computer (Part 4)

Who can benefit from remote access

1. Machine builders

Companies that manufacture single-purpose machines often sell them worldwide. These machines come with a warranty and the manufacturers provide servicing for them. Travelling to customer sites to repair or maintain them is time-consuming and expensive. That is why many producers equip their machine control systems with remote access routers, enabling them to provide their services remotely.

2. System integrators

It is also those who interconnect and integrate various systems that can modify and back up PLC programs remotely and thus save a great deal of money. In other words, they can help their customers from anywhere, anytime.

3. The maintenance of a production plant

Maintenance staff are in charge of preventative checks on machines and fast troubleshooting in the case of a production line breakdown. It is, nevertheless, impossible for a control system programmer to be at several sites at the same time. But with remote access they can connect to machines from anywhere, via the Internet.

How to Go About It

Routers for remote access to PLCs

In our experience, currently the best industrial remote access solution is Ewon routers. They offer easy installation, highly secure data transfer and the very robust Talk2M cloud platform.


You can choose between two Ewon router types. The Ewon COSY 131 is a simple model without any advanced functionalities. You only have to connect it to the Internet, the device that you want to access remotely and the Talk2M service – and your remote access solution is ready for you to use.


Apart from the capabilities above, the more sophisticated model – the Ewon FLEXY 205 – features the ability to collect technological and production data from control systems. It also allows you to work with that data, for example set and email alarms. As the FLEXY is only slightly more expensive than the COSY, before you make your choice think twice – you may well have to work with data in the future.


An alternative for large installations

Another option is Teltonika routers. Not only do they support remote access, they allow you, for example, to interconnect two networks. They are suitable for applications where you need to connect tens or hundreds of remote and/or moving devices to your VPN network.

One of the main advantages of Teltonika routers is their high reliability. In particular, dual SIM router types offer redundant Internet connection. In addition, you can take advantage of the automatic restart capability, which restores your connection in the event of a connection failure.

Learn how to access your PLCs remotely

Would you like to be able to remotely access your PLCs? Then sign up for our training in remote access routers. You will learn how to remotely connect to popular control systems.

Need help with remote access?

Would you like to implement remote access, but are not sure how to go about it and what routers to choose? Feel free to contact us to discuss this. Tell us what you need remote access for.

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