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Are you looking for training in PROFIBUS, PROFINET, OPC communications, remote access, condition monitoring, TIA Portal and other areas from the field of industrial automation? We will be happy to share our extensive experience with you. FOXON has been involved with industrial automation since 2006.

Who will benefit from the training

The courses will be useful whether you work in maintenance, IT or are a manufacturer. Our aim is to introduce you to industrial automation products and software so that you can use them with maximum efficiency.

You will be in good hands – the trainers themselves work in the field as technicians or application engineers, solving all kinds of problems directly at customers' premises on a daily basis. As a result, they are familiar with the practical application of all the systems and products they train you in.
So do not expect our training to be all theory. You will learn many practical examples and be able to put the information you learn into practice.

The courses are particularly suitable for:

  • Electrical maintenance staff
  • IT specialists
  • Electrical engineers
  • PLC programmers
  • Service technicians
  • System integrators
  • Manufacturers of all types
  • And other industry professionals

All you need to know about our training:


The Basics of PROFIBUS & PROFIBUS Diagnostics

Why is your industrial communication failing? Where are faults on the bus and how to fix them quickly? How does the PROFIBUS network work and how can it be upgraded and made more robust?

You will learn all this in a training session full of practical examples, because our trainers have 15 years of experience and regularly travel to measure networks in various manufacturing companies.

The course focuses on preventive measurement, acute intervention and permanent diagnostics of the industrial network so that you can minimise unwanted downtime.

The Basics of PROFINET & PROFINET Diagnostics

Do you know how the PROFINET industrial network works? Do you know how to find faults that can cause it to fail? Do you regularly check the condition of the cabling and connectors?

You can learn all this in a two-day course full of practical examples, because our trainers have 15 years of experience and regularly travel to various manufacturing companies to measure their networks.

The course focuses on preventive measurement, acute intervention and permanent diagnostics of the industrial network so that you can minimise unwanted downtime.

Standardising Production Data Acquisition and Processing | OPC Communications

Ready to start collecting data from controllers, robots and other devices? Choose the right communications platform from the start. After all, data collection never ends; on the contrary, it is likely to grow under your feet as time goes on.

Learn how to work with the OPC communication standard. With KEPServerEX OPC servers, you can unify data from many industrial devices and use it in higher-level applications. Then use the OPC Router data connector to connect them to many other systems in your company.

Are you using OPC servers in your applications? Do you have them installed on your lines by your supplier? Or do you want to switch to them as part of your production data collection? Come and learn more about KEPserverEX, OPC Router and OPC communications in a training session led by expert engineers.

Siemens SIMATIC S7 PLC Programming

Are you an electrical maintenance engineer responsible for keeping production lines running smoothly? Do you occasionally need to change a PLC program in production?

This course is designed for anyone familiar with Siemens S7 PLCs. Learn the basics of programming the SIMATIC S7-300, S7-1200 and S7-1500 CPUs.

Instructors with many years of experience will guide you through the theory and demonstrations. The specially equipped training room allows you to try everything out on the SIMATIC PLCs.

Business Intelligence

Clearly displaying data and its historical trends is a critical step in digitalising and standardising data. Learn how to work with the Power BI program and other BI tools to save time and automatically deliver the information you need to make management decisions.

BI tools allow you to apply logic to the data you collect to describe your business. They also display values and trends in easy-to-read graphs that you can work with dynamically.

The training is delivered by the FBI (Factory Business Intelligence) team, who have many years of experience in collecting manufacturing data (MES) and analysing it with modern BI tools.

Information for Those Interested

Throughout the year we give the training above in Czech. However, if requested we will be happy to provide it in English for you.

Feel free to request our price quote. It will include:

  • All-day refreshments
  • Lunch
  • Printed materials
  • Certificate of course completion
  • Consultancy by the trainer

(The price quote for a two-day training course does not include accommodation.)

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    The FOXON Academy Training Centre is based at FOXON s.r.o., Česká 615/25, Liberec – Vesec. The centre is designed in such a way that it facilitates theoretical as well practical instruction. It boasts panels with industrial automation products, showing how these products operate on the factory floor. These panels enable us to give demonstrations of various products and setups. In addition, the centre features special kits designed for testing and training purposes.

    Our courses are open to a maximum of 8 participants unless stated otherwise. This number reflects our intention to be able to cater for individual needs and offer personalised training. Courses take roughly 5–6 hours and are divided into three sessions, with a coffee break and a lunch break between them.

    What does our training centre look like? Explore our Photo Gallery.


    Ing. Jaromír Peterka 
    Jaromír is the heart and soul of FOXON. He specialises in training in "FOXON-style" condition monitoring, digital transformation and industrial communications. Jaromír can deliver all his courses in Czech and English.

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