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Our qualified technicians have analysed over 3,500 industrial networks. We regularly receive training from our suppliers and are in contact with leading industrial communications experts from around the world. We will be happy to share our considerable practical experience with you.

FOXON offers

Consultancy services

Feel free to consult us about designing new networks as well as revitalising existing ones. Making networks more robust is not only about replacing cables or connectors. Contact us to discuss how to increase network reliability and what exactly you need for that.

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    Network commissioning

    When commissioning a new network, our job is to determine if the network commissioning criteria for reliable networks outlined below have been met. This involves checking all the connections as well as the functionality of the network. In particular, we check / test:

    • The network cabling placement and arrangement
    • Copper and fibre optic cables
    • The wiring and connectors
    • The grounding
    • The segment organisation
    • The functionality of the ring and the redundancy
    • The transmission rate
    • Watchdog settings
    • The data communication itself
    • The power supply
    • Nodes
    • And more

    You get all the results in a PDF report, so you gain a deep insight into the health of your network.

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    Preventive network checks

    We recommend performing a preventive check on every network at least once a year. Even though your production line is running and the PLC is not reporting any faults, your network still may not be 100% healthy. This is not an uncommon situation. You, therefore, need to know as soon as possible if your network is not in top shape.

    Networks must be analysed when they are in full operation. Otherwise, we are unable to detect any potential electromagnetic interference. If you would like us to analyse your network during production line downtime, we can only assess the condition of cabling and the quality of the communication. We cannot identify any electromagnetic interference or its impact on the network.

    After every analysis, we prepare a PDF report for you.

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    Emergency diagnostics and repairs

    We offer emergency diagnostics and repairs to any plant that is experiencing network failures and needs to deal with them immediately. Please call us as soon as you can. Only then are we able to rearrange our busy schedule and help you make your network 100% healthy again.

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    Continuous network analysis

    When it comes to your key production lines, especially the ones running non-stop, every network failure means a substantial production loss. Repairs can take up to tens of hours.

    With cleverly designed continuous network diagnostics, your production lines will be monitored 24/7. Your maintenance staff will be notified of any network problem, enabling them to deal with it in time. Without delay, you will order the necessary spare parts and arrange for repairs.

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    Remote network monitoring

    Remote network monitoring is designed for those who, for some reason, cannot or do not want to take care of their networks themselves. You and we agree on servicing conditions and sign a servicing contract. We equip your networks with analysers for continuous network diagnostics and Ewon routers for remote access.

    Whenever a network problem occurs, the system will inform us via email. Using the Ewon router, we will remotely connect to the analyser and discover what is wrong. If the situation requires, one of our qualified technicians will travel to your plant and solve the problem on-site.

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    Our quality management system is certified to ISO 9001:2015

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