CANbus, CANopen and DeviceNet


  • Are you setting up a new CANbus, CANopen or DeviceNet network?
  • Is your network experiencing occasional failures?
  • Do you need detailed information about your network?
  • Do you want to check the quality of your network installation?
  • Do you want to prevent unexpected network failures?

We offer you analysis and measurement of your CANbus, CANopen or DeviceNet network using a cutting-edge analyser for network measurement.

We'll help you diagnose, locate and, in most cases, fix faults on your network, for example interference, voltage drops, faulty termination resistors, wiring faults, etc. Regular diagnostics will improve your network's stability and prevent unexpected failures.

We provide short-term (one-off) as well as long-term (continuous) measurement of CANbus, CANopen and DeviceNet networks.

Product ID: CAN-test

Price: 700 € (excl. VAT)

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    Network diagnostics should be part and parcel of annual preventative maintenance of your machines. A seemingly functional network may have hidden faults.
    Diagnostics result

    Using all measured values, we'll create a detailed PDF report in English (a translation into Czech can be provided if requested), which will include:

    • information about the measurement site (name and description of the measured segment),
    • general information about the measured network,
    • LiveList – a list of all the stations taking part in communication on the network,
    • measured voltage on all stations,
    • information about oscilloscopic measurement of all stations,
    • information about detected problems on the physical level,
    • detailed graphs showing the signal on all stations,
    • assessment of the network and recommendations for improving the network's operability.
    What do we need to be able to carry out CANbus, CANopen or DeviceNet network diagnostics?
    • The presence of an employee familiar with the measurement site during the actual measurement (no training in how to use the tester can be given during the measurement),
    • at least one available PG port for each segment for connecting an analyser or a connection point in the form of terminal blocks (the absence of this port doesn't enable a segment to be measured while the production line is in operation).

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