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SCADA, IIoT and MES on a Single Platform

Ignition is a universal software platform for the development of industrial applications, for example SCADA, IIoT, MES, HMI and condition monitoring. What does it enable you to do?

  • Connect to control systems
  • Connect all of the data across your entire plant
  • Easily create any industrial application
  • Scale your system in any way, without limits
  • Access your vital real-time data by viewing an unlimited number of clients on any device, including desktops, mobile devices and HMI panels


Without limits

Ignition is sold by the server: one license gives you an unlimited number of users, tags and projects.


Industrial applications that you build with Ignition are fully mobile- and tablet-responsive.

Runs on any OS

Supports Windows, Linux, macOS, iOS and Android.

Unlimited Scalability

Designed for architectures of any type or size.



Create large-scale solutions for entire enterprises, factories and manufacturing shops. Ignition allows you to connect all the data that you need.

For one attractive price, you can connect as many PLCs, OPC servers, MQTT values and databases as you like.

clients and screens

While data acquisition projects often start small, as solutions for several users, they can develop into enterprise-wide systems that hundreds of employees may need to connect to.

Ignition is sold by the server, so for the cost of one server license you can seamlessly connect an unlimited number of clients.


For one affordable price, Ignition allows you to have an unlimited number of designers developing projects, even at the same time, whether they be an integrator or your team.

Some industrial automation software companies still charge for every client and every tag.

But Ignition's policy is different. We have your interests at heart, so we want you to be able to add more devices to Ignition and share your information with more people. This is, after all, the idea behind the Internet of Things.

Start with monitoring one machine. Eventually, you can get to the point where you will be using Ignition to manage your whole company, for a fraction of the cost of other solutions on the market. There are no hidden charges or fine print. See for yourself – here is the price list.

Ignition is sold by the server.


Ignition Features

Being modular, the Ignition platform offers many possibilities. Choose a suitable architecture for your project and select functionalities that you need. Ignition boasts a wide variety of capabilities:

  • Communication with PLCs
    Connect to control systems via OPC UA (e.g. through the KEPServerEX platform) or via Ignition's integrated drivers for Simatic S7, Modbus Ethernet, Allen-Bradley, Omron and UDP/TCP devices.
  • Visualisations, HMIs and dashboards
    Make informed decisions, driven by user-friendly visualisations on any computer, mobile or HMI panel.
  • Mobile devices
    Build mobile- and tablet-responsive industrial applications using HTML5. You can also download the Ignition Perspective App for iOS and Android.
  • Security and data redundancy
    Achieve maximum reliability. Ignition is built on proven, industrial-grade security technology and offers many redundancy options.
  • Alarms
    Create alarms to promptly notify staff of any event or status change via email, text or voice.
  • Dynamic reports
    Easily create and automatically deliver dynamic, database-driven industrial reports.
  • Scripting language
    Program specific tasks using the Jython language, which is an implementation of the Python language for the Java platform.
  • Integration with IIoT platforms
    Ignition supports full integration with other IIoT platforms: Microsoft Azure, AWS IoT, Watson IoT, etc.
  • Read / write operations
    With Ignition you can read as well as write data. This means that you can monitor as well as control your production.

IIgnition as SCADA HMI

A comprehensive set of tools for data acquisition and real-time control of statuses and processes, an optimised HMI interface, alarms, reports and analytics all make Ignition the ideal platform for SCADA HMI applications. Ignition is affordable, scalable and feature-packed, making it a global leader on the market.

Ignition for machine condition monitoring

Ignition offers fast monitoring of physical quantities, for example pressure, consumption, quality, vibrations and temperatures. The integrated scripting language allows you to see the full picture as to the different quantities measured and thus detect any anomaly in a machine's operation. Based on the requirements of your maintenance, we will create a user-friendly dashboard for you that will display all the required information on your computer and mobile.

Ignition pro monitoring kondice strojů | FOXON

Ignition for facility condition monitoring

Factories often look for a platform for the monitoring of their production facilities – energy, water, heat and air consumption, faults on the plant floor, temperatures in shops, how many times a gate has opened, etc. With Ignition, you can take data about your factory's facilities and environment and relate it to your production or a machine's condition. For instance, in summer it is hotter on the shop floor. Control cabinets may become overheated, and some machines may not like that. It is thus important that you monitor your plant environment and prevent this situation.

Ignition as MES

Collect data from machines, and use Ignition to monitor your production and to create systems that will streamline your production operations. Monitoring orders, your machines' production profiles and downtime is the basics. You can build upon them, for example, by analysing how the monitoring of the causes of a machine's downtime relates to the monitoring of the machine's condition. As Ignition supports an unlimited number of users and runs on various operating systems (Windows, Linux, iOS and Android), you can equip every machine with a tablet or a panel PC with an application for the machine operator.


Where to install Ignition?

The central Ignition Gateway can be:

  • On one central server
  • Distributed across several server
  • Located on-premise / in the cloud / a combination of both
  • Put all the way out to the edge of the network


The US company Inductive Automation was founded in California in 2003. It released the Ignition platform in 2010. It has over 2,200 integrators worldwide.

Today Inductive Automation is a leader in the development of HMI, SCADA, MES and IIoT software applications.



  • We have experience. As a systems integrator, we have years of experience with analysis, solution design, delivering data collection / processing / integration systems, and data storage, visualisation and reporting.
  • We are innovative. We provide manufacturing companies with modern industrial digital solutions and products that enable them to interconnect, digitalise and optimise their production processes.
  • We are not a distributor but an integrator. We do not only sell technologies but offer technical expertise and real customisable, scalable solutions that work.
  • We solve your problems. Our goal is to understand your problems, possibilities and potential. Only then can we take your needs into consideration and turn them into the right solution for you.

Are you interested?

Would you like to learn more about the Ignition platform?

Please contact Michal Tůma. He will be happy to introduce you to Ignition and all that it has to offer.


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