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Secure Data Exchange
Using MQTT

In its own way, every project in a manufacturing plant covers the collection of data from machines, sensors and RFID readers or the exchange of data between OT systems and higher-level IT applications. OPC servers are often deployed, and data is transferred via the OPC UA protocol.

Nevertheless, OPC UA is only one of several options. Among the widely used lightweight, simple solutions for data transfer, you will also find the MQTT protocol.


HiveMQ - MQTT Broker - FOXON integrátor
HiveMQ - MQTT Broker - klíčové vlastnosti

Key Features of
HiveMQ MQTT Broker

HiveMQ is a leading MQTT broker that securely and reliably connects any MQTT clients together via MQTT. In addition, HiveMQ features an open API that allows for flexible integration of your IoT data into enterprise systems, as well as pre-built extensions for quick integration with other enterprise systems, such as Kafka, SQL and NoSQL databases.

Being one of the best feature-packed high-performance MQTT brokers on the market, it is used by over 130 companies from all over the world, including Audi, BMW, Daimler, ZF, Netflix, Honeywell, Kapsch, SIEMENS and ZOTT.

MQTT Sparkplug B

HiveMQ supports the MQTT Sparkplug B protocol. The protocol is based on MQTT and also provides:

  • Definition of the MQTT topic namespace structure and encoding
  • MQTT client state management in real time
  • Payload structure and encoding
HiveMQ - MQTT Broker - MQTT Sparkplug B

The Power of the MQTT Protocol

MQTT is a popular protocol for sending messages and exchanging data and is based on the publisher/subscriber communication model. In this model, there is one central system – the MQTT broker – that the clients connected to it exchange messages through. Clients can send data to the MQTT broker (acting as publishers) and/or receive it from the broker (acting as subscribers).

Where did MQTT come from?

Introduced in 1999, MQTT has been here for quite some time. It was first used to monitor oil pipelines within the SCADA industrial control system. The goal of its developers, the companies IBM and Cirrus Link, was to have a bandwidth-efficient, lightweight protocol that would use little battery power. The devices on the pipelines were connected via a satellite link which, at that time, was extremely expensive.

HiveMQ - MQTT Broker - FOXON integrátor

Who is behind HiveMQ

The HiveMQ MQTT broker is developed by the company HiveMQ, which was founded in 2012 and is based in the Bavarian city of Landshut near Munich. With over 100 employees, HiveMQ is an active member of the OASIS MQTT Technical Committee, the Eclipse IoT Paho Project and MQTT Sparkplug.

HiveMQ - MQTT Broker -  logo

Foxon is a HiveMQ integrator

  • We have experience. As a systems integrator, we have years of experience with analysis, solution design, supply of data collection / processing / integration systems and data storage, visualisation and reporting.
  • We are innovative. We deliver advanced industrial digital solutions and products to manufacturing companies, enabling them to connect, digitise and optimise their production processes.
  • We are not only a reseller but also an integrator. We do not only sell technologies but also provide technical expertise and real solutions that are customisable, scalable and work.
  • We solve your problems. We take the time to understand your challenges, opportunities and potential, and we can turn your needs into the right solution for you.

Are you interested?

Would you like to learn more about the HiveMQ platform?

Please contact Daniel Marášek. He will be happy to show you all the possibilities HiveMQ can offer.


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