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Professional Industrial Automation
Parts Repairs

We repair new and obsolete parts from machines and production lines that aren't supported or serviced by manufacturers anymore. We specialise in parts from leading manufacturers, such as SIEMENS, FANUC, Allen-Bradley, Bosch Rexroth Indramat, ABB and KUKA. We also provide repairs of parts from other manufacturers.

We sell most of the parts that we repair.

Free collection and delivery of parts all over the Czech and Slovak Republics
  1. Do you need to have a servo motor or another part repaired?
  2. Remember FOXON is here to repair it for you.
  3. We have our sales representatives all over the Czech and Slovak Republics.
  4. Call your nearest sales representative to arrange a free collection of your defective part.
  5. Your part will be collected as soon as possible, free of charge.
  6. It'll be repaired and tested.
  7. It'll then be delivered back to you, free of charge.
  8. Your machine will be up and running again.

Why you should choose us
for parts repairs

We carry out industrial automation parts repairs in collaboration with the Dutch service centre UNIS Group. It has been supplying industrial automation parts repairs for over 20 years. The centre has a large team of specialists, whose expertise is an invaluable asset to the company.

Every year the service centre repairs over 41,000 parts. It keeps stocks of over 35,000 different electronic components and 1 million parts. Repaired parts are tested using UNIS Group's own special testing systems as well as original systems built by OEM manufacturers.

UNIS Group is one of the best equipped industrial automation service centres in Europe. Its quality management system is certified to ISO9001:2000. All of its repairs are covered by a warranty of up to 24 months. FOXON s.r.o. is the exclusive authorised UNIS Group partner in the Czech and Slovak Republics.

We'll be happy to take you on an excursion to UNIS Group so that you can see for yourself how its experts repair parts.

We offer:
  • repairs for fixed prices, which you know in advance,
  • preventative replacement of time-critical components included in the repair,
  • repairs within 5–6 weeks,
  • thorough load testing,
  • free collection of your faulty part,
  • a warranty of up to 24 months.
We repair
  • Servo drives,
  • servo motors,
  • HMI control panels,
  • frequency drives,
  • robot operator panels,
  • power supplies,
  • industrial computers and monitors,
  • PLC control systems,
  • CNC spindles,
  • analog/digital cards,
  • IO modules
  • and other devices.
Prices for repair in advance and short delivery times

Prices for repairs (except for servo motor repairs) are fixed and amount to about 40% of the original price for the device. After receiving your request for quotation, we'll email you our quotation for the repair. You can then either mail your part to us or one of our sales representatives will collect it from you. We usually carry out repairs within 5–6 weeks.

We also offer urgent repairs, which take 4–10days. If your part cannot be repaired, it will be mailed back to you free of charge (excluding servo motors).

Exchanging a faulty part for a functional part
Have you ended up with a faulty part? Is it too late for you to wait for the part to be repaired? If we have a replacement part in stock, we can send it to you in exchange for your faulty part. In some cases, we can also offer you replacement for the cost of repair. In such a case, we can send the part by next day delivery.
We specialise in obsolete SIEMENS parts

We repair, test and offer obsolete parts for SIMATIC S5/S7, SIMOREG, SIMODRIVE, SIMOTION, SINAMICS, SINUMERIK, TELEPERM and ISKAMATIC – i.e. power supplies, IO modules, CPUs, communication modules, monitors, operator panels, keyboards/keypads, frequency drives and so on. We have stocks of tens of thousands of obsolete parts – some of them aren't sold or repaired by original manufacturers anymore.

Repair process

A dirty part is first cleaned in a special way, which ensures that grease and grime are removed from it. When the part is dried, it's handed over to technical personnel. Apart from replacing faulty components, they also preventively replace time-critical components, which tend to be susceptible to breakdown. The part is then thoroughly tested, ideally to the maximum permitted load. When the part has been tested, we send it back to you. If requested, we can provide a report detailing the work and testing carried out during the repair.

Are you interested in a guided tour of the Unis Group sevice centre in the Netherlands? We'll arrange it for you

Are you in charge of industrial automation parts repairs in your company? Are you responsible for choosing a high-quality supplier of repairs? Would you like to see for yourself how parts are repaired and tested? We can take you on a guided tour of the UNIS Group service centre in the Netherlands. We'll arrange the whole stay for you, including the guided tour.

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