Condition monitoring
& OEE monitoring

Comprehensive maintenance and production digitalisation projects

FIOT projects, which we usually develop using the ThingWorx platform, aim to digitalise the entire enterprise, converging control processes and production. Specifically, this involves:

  • Collecting data from production systems
  • Validating data and storing it to databases
  • Unified data visualisation for various company departments
  • Analysing data, thus enabling better-informed decision-making

Such comprehensive production digitalisation benefits both maintenance and production staff. Condition monitoring (CM) allows them to monitor values and identify trends, as well as to spot signs of an imminent machine breakdown. Continuous automated OEE monitoring enables the enterprise to make its production processes more effective.

Feel free to explore FIOT projects that have been successfully deployed.

What projects have we undertaken?

  • Localisation and monitoring of the communication of Ethernet stations on the PROFINET network
  • Automatic CNC alert generation
  • Monitoring of Filtration Technology filtration units
  • Monitoring of vibrations and vibration diagnostics
  • Monitoring of temperatures in bearings
  • Monitoring of compressed air consumption and quality
  • Monitoring of rejects
  • Monitoring of the production profile, downtime and production status
  • Production line status visualisation for the management
  • Automatic SMS notification service

Need help with condition monitoring?

Or would you like to learn more about our completed FIOT projects? Please feel free to share your expectations with us. We will be happy to discuss them with you.

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