What are FIOT projects all about?

FIOT (Factory Internet of Things)
Smart Projects for IoT and Industry 4.0

Today reactive maintenance (i.e. done when equipment has already broken down) means wasting labour force and time of maintenance staff, which very few companies can afford.

On the other hand, predictive maintenance predicts problems and helps to prevent them. This results in lowering costs and saving time. Overall, it makes the whole process of maintaining machines and devices more efficient.
FIOT projects deal with the whole maintenance ecosystem including data collection, condition monitoring (CM), smart maintenance, predictive maintenance and augmented reality.

Switch from reactive to predictive maitenance

Reactive maintenance is based on solving problems only when they arise. Predictive maintenance, on the other hand, predicts thanks to careful machine condition monitoring, and saves time, money and soothes your nerves by preventing unexpected downtimes.  
Do you prefer to struggle with unforeseen problems or go for smart maintenance?

We prefer to STRUGGLE with unforeseen problems

  • We repair only broken equipment.‎
  • We solve problems only when production halts.‎
  • We get express spare parts to replace broken parts.‎
  • We don't monitor energy consumption as we don't need to save energy.‎
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  • We carry out regular monitoring of machine conditions, based on data collection.
  • We perform preventive maintenance during scheduled downtime.
  • We always keep spare parts in stock.
  • We save energy by monitoring energy consumption.

Why should you choose us to help you implement data collection, condition monitoring and predictive maintenance?


      We have created one of the most sophisticated IoT projects in the Czech Republic, for ŠKODA AUTO.

      For more information about this project, which also uses augmented reality and 3D models, go to Customer Experience.


      We have a lot of experience with data collection and condition monitoring.

      We help implement new processes in big corporations as well as small businesses.


      We always develop custom-tuned solutions. You don't have to worry that you'll be advised to use expensive processes and devices you won't need.

      For example, we helped Třinecké železárny (Třinec Ironworks) solve a problem with measuring temperatures in production halls by installing only 10 wireless sensors.


      First, we'll carry out a detailed analysis of where your company is at, and suggest possible solutions.

      You'll be then advised to do a small-scale trial of the project (proof of concept). We'll find and fix bugs, and share our know-how with your technicians so that you can manage medium-scale projects yourself.


      Our projects are based on the ThingWorx platform, which is owned by the multinational company PTC. ThingWorx integrators can be found in the Czech Republic, Slovak Republic and all over the world. If you happened to grow dissatisfied with our services, you don't need to worry that you'd end up with a useless project.

    Innovations and savings for production and maitenance

    A real-life example is always the best. Take a look at the projects we've undertaken and how our customers benefited from them. You may find out that you're dealing with a similar situation.

    Everything starts with data collection

    High-quality data collection is the first step towards maintenance improvements. It's only when you have access to actual data that you can really monitor your production processes, and promptly react to situations. Digital data is an essential part of condition monitoring, predictive maintenance and smart maintenance.

    We start each project with optimization of technological data collection (e.g. temperatures, pressure, consumption, vibrations and so on). We always take into account your particular problem and expectations to give you the best value for money.

    Draw inspiration from our projects

    A real-life example is always the best. Take a look at the projects we've undertaken and how our customers benefited from them. You may find out that you're dealing with a similar situation.

    How do you develop a project?

    Explore how easy it is to get from data collection to predictive maintenance step by step.
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