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We Will Show You How to Collect Data in an Open, Standardised Way

We have been in the data collection business since 2006 and some of our employees even longer. We have provided software and hardware data collection tools for hundreds of companies and have taught them how to use them.

In 2015, we created a new FOXON department, the FIOT (FOXON Internet of Things), which develops comprehensive data collection solutions for our customers. We have come a long way to become a leading supplier of solutions for collecting, processing and storing data from PLCs, CNCs, robots and other systems.

How We Go About It

Standardised data collection methods

We collect data from disparate systems in an open, standardised way.

Reliable third-party SW/HW products

Our key tools include the KEPServerEX communications platform from Kepware (PTC), OPC Router from inray, Ewon industrial routers and other systems.

Tailored communication drivers and data interfaces

We develop and program our own solutions for devices that do not come with (affordable) software.

Data collection via wired networks

The most reliable way. But if requested, we can offer our own solution for wireless data collection via the 868 MHz frequency.

Utilising well-known databases

We have extensive experience with popular on premise as well as cloud databases.

FOXON offers
  • Consultancy services with regard to on-site / remote data collection, i.e. from several sites within one plant or from machines deployed worldwide
  • Analysis of options for collecting data from control systems and devices, taking into account the customer's requirements and vision
  • The design and implementation of solutions for collecting data from PLCs, CNCs, robots, HMI panels and other systems
  • The development of customised OPC servers and communication drivers for reading and writing data from/to particular devices
  • The design and implementation of connecting control systems and devices to data collection solutions
  • The design and implementation of solutions for preventing data loss in the case of a communication failure
  • Open, standardised and scalable data collection solutions
  • The design and implementation of on-premise / cloud database data storage
  • The design, development and implementation of data collection solutions using the Microsoft Azure cloud technology
  • The design and implementation of PLC program modification for the purpose of data collection
  • The design, development and implementation of solutions for wireless collection of analogue and digital data via the 868 MHz frequency
  • The development of visualisations, trends, dashboards, KPI reports and Power BI visualisations
  • Setting alarm notifications for situations when values fall out of safe thresholds
  • Modifications to wiring documentation
  • Training the customer's staff and creating user guides

Need help with data collection?

We will be happy to discuss this with you. Please feel free to contact us.

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