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How can your manufacturing company
analyse data in a better way?

How do you report production and maintenance data? With Excel or Power BI? How would you like to change your current way of reporting?

  • Merge your reports and managerial dashboards and make them more user-friendly?
  • Prevent situations where each meeting participant has different figures?
  • Save time and get rid of complicated single-purpose Excel spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentations?
  • Utilise the full potential of the cutting-edge Microsoft Power BI reporting tool?
  • Ease the strain on your source systems, for example databases, MES, ERP and condition monitoring?

Get started with Business Intelligence and extract value from this easy-to-use modern reporting.

Turn Data Into Valuable Information

Factory Business Intelligence (FBI) is not only about producing graphs based on data stored in your database.

FBI structures data and creates connections among them in such a way that they are easy to understand. When going through reports you can then easily find information that will help you make decisions.

FBI will allow your production and maintenance to:

  • Understand big amounts of historical data, compare plans to actual numbers and monitor trends.
  • Create reports fast and in a modern way with Microsoft Power BI (or Tableau, Qlik, or Excel), relying on validated data.
  • Produce multi-language reports.
  • Drill down into data to view different levels of detail.
  • Connect data from existing systems (e.g. MES, SAP ERP, databases, maintenance systems, Excel, etc.) to a single robust data warehouse and an OLAP cube (i.e. structure of data in a database).
  • Develop a secure enough data model for the entire company and comply with its IT security policy.

Factory BI Architecture

Standard reporting

If people in your company use different data sources to create their reports, you may be presented contradictory graphs in your meetings. In addition, your colleagues rely on different software tools for displaying reports, including Excel, PowerPoint and Power BI, as well as visualisations in SCADA, ERP and maintenance systems.

This reporting is very time-consuming for many people, and not even reporting tools can obtain data fast enough. What is more, this way you are not able to connect some data together and get the necessary information.

Then comes the time when you realise that this kind of reporting is no longer sufficient for you.

Factory Business Intelligence reporting

We take data from many different sources (e.g. PLCs, ERP, Excel, etc.) and connect them to a single robust data warehouse where these data are validated. This guarantees that every user obtains the same data. A database like this allows for very fast Power BI reporting.

Above this database we create the so-called OLAP cube, which enables you to structure the data appropriately and make them ready for the Power BI reporting tool so that it can deliver connections among them fast and reliably.

What will your new way of reporting in meetings look like?

Get a taste of what your new reporting will look like. The video on the right shows alarm reporting with the Microsoft Power BI program.

If you would like to try it yourself, explore our online demo. For more examples of reports presenting various production and maintenance data, click on the More Reports button.

Your first pilot project – use your own data and try Factory BI

Try reporting your company's data with Power BI. Your first pilot project will allow you to obtain some practical experience and generate your first reports.

Some of the data that we can process for you may include:

In maintenance:

In production:

How it works

Data collected from one of your data sources (e.g. a database or a PLC) will be integrated into Microsoft Power BI.

If you do not collect data yet, we will be happy to advise you on how to go about it. The easiest way to make your machine data available is through the KEPServerEX and OPC Router platforms.

In Microsoft Power BI, you will then see all the integrated data (i.e. historical data) on a user-friendly dashboard. The dashboard will include static views as well as interactive graphs that will enable you to drill down into your data.

The solution will be ready for you to use within a few days, as we have the data structure for the most frequent and most useful dashboards for manufacturing companies pre-prepared.

To get an idea of how a solution like this works, explore our demo dashboards. You can also read our case study on how we implemented our FBI in the company Kiekert.

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    Expert consultations

    Talk to our experienced specialists about the areas of Business Intelligence that interest you the most.

    • We will get to know your data sources and structure.
    • You will share your needs and expectations with us.
    • We will look at your data and tell you how to unlock their value.
    • We will suggest a strategy and proven methods of carrying out a project.
    • We will explain how to connect your data sources, for example Excel spreadsheets, MES and ERP, to a unified, robust data warehouse.
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    Training – Business Intelligence for manufacturing companies

    Would you like to get a better idea of what Business Intelligence is all about? Learn about the benefits for manufacturing companies? And try the Microsoft Power BI program?

    Learn to analyse and visualise enterprise data in a modern and effective way.

    Our training is delivered by our Factory Business Intelligence specialists, who have extensive experience with collecting production data (MES) and analysing them using cutting-edge BI tools.

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    What does it look like?
    Examples of BI reports

    Energy consumption

    Condition monitoring

    Downtime analysis

    Quality assessment (NOK)

    OEE analysis

    PROFIBUS diagnostics

    Data acquisition with Ewon

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