What do FIOT projects solve?

We monitor conditions, properties and events in many areas, and respond to them effectively

Specific applications:

Energy savings

Energy consumption monitoring is a key step towards savings in this area. We go even further. We have technical expertise in the monitoring and analysis of the quality of electric power. By using sophisticated lighting control, without the need for expensive renovations, we can cut lighting costs for you. We also have a solution for battery condition monitoring and emergency power unit monitoring.

OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) improvement

Systematic condition monitoring based on automated data collection enables excellent production machines condition. This results in maximum availability and performance.

Correct data evaluation and limits settings also enable you to make sound plans and prepare for potential downtimes (e.g. spare parts, support, documentation, etc.).

Breakdown prediction and getting the full picture

Effective maintenance and maintenance cost cuts can only be achieved by the use of effective breakdown prediction. We don't only do real-time data collection, but we also process historical data at high level using modern analytical methods, and feed it into Big Data systems.

This allows us to detect negative trends (e.g. worsening vibrations) and get the full picture (e.g. temperatures vs. oil quality vs. vibrations).

Using augmented reality

Augmented reality isn't just about creating an application, but mainly about new approaches–about innovation in its true sense. Think about this. You have a tablet or a mobile phone. It displays a real object (e.g. a production line). The picture includes controls (icons) which give you all kinds of information about the object (e.g. chosen values, links to documentation, events summary, etc.).

The object can be manipulated. You can also peek inside without having to use sophisticated equipment and hours of dismantling work. Additionally, you can take photos and use a knowledge base. All this can be done on one device using one interface.

Mobility and maintenance reaction time

Production places great demands on regular maintenance and fault troubleshooting. On your tablet or mobile phone you can have access to all relevant data about sensors condition and settings, documentation and spare parts allocation. With only a few clicks you'll get the information you need. If there's a fault you can't repair straightaway, you delegate the task through an application to specific maintenance personnel.

Early warning about adverse events

In this case, in time means right at the moment an adverse event occurs. Online data is quickly followed up with online information–instant comparison with pre-set limits and a subsequent alarm (an SMS, email or warning lights). Through an appropriate setting we also enable alarm escalation.

Comprehensive reporting

Comprehensive reporting means boosting the efficiency of subdatabases and subsystems (e.g. PLC machines, ERP systems, maintenance control systems, stock control systems, auxiliary sensors, etc.) by means of unifying dashboards and meaningful data interfaces. Our user-friendly interfaces allow a quick overview of interconnected information. Our system prevents data duplication, which means better data quality and realiability, and easier data management.

High-quality and realiable communication

Every solution builds on reliable communication among machines, systems and users. We have years of experience with OPC standards, wireless communications, industrial bus systems, control systems and, above all, development of our own products for data collection.

Industry 4.0 support

For us Industry 4.0 isn't about the future anymore but about the present. We're experts on Smart Factory and Smart Maintenance. Our solutions are based on basic Industry 4.0 principles, such as mobility, data digitalization and systems integration. We deploy proven instruments as well as innovative technologies (wireless sensors, augmented reality, data analysis). We're happy to share our experience with you.

Solving qualified manpower shortages

We often encounter these problems: lack of maintenance personnel, growing demands on specialization, unreliability of autonomous maintenance, and growing pressure for certification and regular training. An effective solution is a set of instruments including gaining access to a relevant part of documentation, guidance during checks and intervention, interactive checklists, and a knowledge base. In order to achieve this solution we deploy proven methods, such as automated real-time data collection, systems integration, and the latest technologies–augmented reality, virtual reality, a digital twin and mobile terminals including 3D applications.

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