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We specialise in collecting data from machines, systems and databases and developing 4.0 applications aimed at improving the effectiveness and productivity of your production and maintenance.

We do not offer off-the-shelf solutions that you install and use immediately. We know that you will soon encounter a need that is not met in these out-of-the-box systems. It makes more sense for us to develop customised applications using modern IoT platforms than to run into the limits of off-the-shelf programs.

We have created FIOT – an open, flexible, scalable ecosystem that allows you to collect data and freely create higher-level applications for your organisation that utilise this data. FIOT is built on the UNS (Unified NameSpace) concept, which enables you to have online values and events from your machines and IT/OT systems in one place, and even in a unified data structure.

With FIOT, you will embark on a digital transformation journey, a journey to become more competitive and more responsive to changes in demand and industry trends.

FIOT Ecosystem

Treat each project as one part of a larger whole and collect data regardless of what application will consume it.

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alarmy-notifikace mobilni-aplikace systemy-tretich-stran BI-reporting analytika 3D-digi-dvojce rozsirena-realita SCADA kontrola-verzi-programu zalohovani-programu-plc IoT-senzory stroje-a-rizeni data-opc-mqtt-rest condition-monitoring monitoring-energii monitoring-oee monitoring-prostoju reseni-traceability monitoring-kvality UNS
  • Machine Data Acquisition

    We specialise in collecting data directly from PLCs, CNCs, VFDs and other devices. We use communication drivers available on the market and also develop our own drivers. Where necessary and possible, we can also write data to these PLC/CNC systems.

  • IoT Sensors

    We use commercial and custom IoT sensors to collect analogue signals, digital signals, temperatures, vibration values, 24V power quality and other information. We have developed a wireless FIOT sensor that uses the 868MHz frequency for data transmission. This frequency does not interfere with WiFi networks in plants.

  • Data in OPC and MQTT Formats

    We convert data from control systems and devices into a single communication protocol, such as OPC UA and MQTT. We provide this standardised data to higher-level systems for further processing (e.g. OEE monitoring, energy monitoring, downtime monitoring, machine condition monitoring, reporting, etc.).

  • Machine Condition Monitoring

    We collect machine condition data and present it in real time and as a long-term trend. Most commonly, we monitor temperatures, pressures, flow rates, power consumption, voltage levels and quality, fluid levels, vibrations, motor hours, machine states, PROFIBUS and PROFINET networks and more. We inform the operator in time, predict failures and increase machine availability.

  • Energy Consumption Monitoring

    We monitor the consumption of electric power, compressed air, heat, water, gas, power from your own photovoltaic plant, etc. We often use the data collected to monitor the condition of machinery, to calculate the total cost per unit produced or to obtain carbon footprint information.

  • OEE Monitoring

    The Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) monitoring application gives you a picture of how well your machines and equipment are being used. We can display OEE per machine, per production line and across the entire production floor. This makes it easy to see where you have a bottleneck in production.

  • Downtime Monitoring

    We monitor and analyse the causes and duration of downtime in the production process to increase productivity and efficiency. We try to collect the causes of downtime directly from the control systems of production machines or manually according to established reason codes.

  • Traceability and Product Tracking Solutions

    We provide complete and accurate information about every step of production, recording information about raw materials, production processes, intermediate and finished products, including date and time of production, batches, production numbers, names and contacts of manufacturers and suppliers, quality controls and other important information.

  • Quality Monitoring

    We collect data on product quality during production, testing and quality control. Quality monitoring also includes the monitoring of production equipment and machinery to detect potential malfunctions that could lead to downtime and lost production.

  • Alarms and Notifications

    We monitor alarms and limits in the production, maintenance, quality and energy areas. We send alerts by email and as a message to mobile phones, allowing operators to respond quickly and take action to improve the situation.

  • Mobile Applications

    We put the information you need to make decisions at your fingertips on your mobile and tablet devices, whether you are in your plant or travelling the world. You can access information on production, maintenance, quality, finance and more. Enter data into the system, take photos, scan documents, access stored equipment manuals, use a QR code reader and more.

  • Third-Party Systems

    We do not lock down the data we collect in any way. On the contrary, we make data from machines available to third-party systems and vice versa – we connect data from third-party systems to the UNS and make it available to machines and other applications.

  • BI Reporting & Dashboards

    We collect data from machines and IT/OT systems and create clear reports to analyse key indicators of the production plant. In addition to automatically generated reports, managers can create their own reports to more effectively manage production, maintenance, quality, finance and more.

  • Analytics & Machine Learning

    Our own research and development is primarily focused on predictive and prescriptive maintenance of machinery and equipment. We focus on predicting failures to reduce the likelihood of unplanned downtime.

  • 3D Digital Twin

    We can create a 3D model of a machine, a production line or the entire factory floor and enrich it with controls and real data from control systems and OT/IT applications. We can display any data on the 3D machine model, guide maintenance to the fault location, integrate the documentation needed to fix the fault and provide many other useful features.

  • Augmented Reality

    We use Augmented Reality (AR) technologies to visualise and interactively access production and process data. You use a tablet to look at a machine and we add the live data you need from any device or IT system.


    We monitor and control industrial processes using SCADA HMI systems.

  • PLC/CNC Program Version Control

    We are integrators of the Octoplant solution, which allows you to manage backup versions of PLC/CNC/HMI programs, compare them with each other and be confident that the program in the control system is the right one.

  • Automatic PLC Program Backup

    We are integrators of the Octoplant solution, which automatically backs up programs from PLC control systems, CNC machines, robots, drives, HMI panels, etc. and stores them in a single location. Save time and reduce downtime required to restore programs.

Before we start collecting data and developing applications with FIOT

What is the support and vision of the management?

Where are you digitally today? Where are you digitally going? Where should you be going? How serious is the management about digital transformation? What are your views on the benefits of digital transformation?

This information is very important and it is no exaggeration to say that we cannot start without it.

What is bothering you?

We ask people at all levels of the business what their problems are, what is bothering them, what is holding them back, what is making them ineffective and how they would solve it all themselves.

We start with them because they know.

Successful innovation comes from the bottom up.

How do you want to work in the future?

What would your ideal working day look like?

Technologically, everything is possible today, but we are hindered by our mindset. We are afraid of change.

Digital transformation is about doing things differently. Think about this and be open to new ideas.

Why choose FOXON
As your digital transformation partner

The needs of every manufacturing company are unique, which is why we want to be your long-term partner, advising and implementing your needs – from data collection to application development. We approach each project as part of a bigger picture. We know that data collection is a never-ending project, so, from the start, we design everything to accommodate your growing needs. We enjoy solving problems, and that is probably the most important thing.

There are many data collection and analysis requirements in every plant. That is why we have created FIOT – an open and customised ecosystem that enables industrial companies to produce faster and more efficiently, reduce maintenance costs and improve product and service quality.

  • We have experience. As an Industry 4.0 systems integrator, we have years of experience in analysis, solution design, delivery of data collection systems, data processing and integration, archiving, visualisation and reporting.
  • We are innovative. We provide advanced industrial digital solutions and products for manufacturing companies, enabling them to connect, digitalise and optimise their production processes.
  • We are not a reseller but an integrator. We do not only sell technologies but provide technical expertise and real solutions that are customisable, scalable and functional.
  • We solve your problems. We take the time to understand your challenges, opportunities and potential, and we can translate your needs into the right solution for you. We never force a solution on you. We inspire.

Where has FIOT been implemented?

loga reference fiot new

Start small, think big

The first step is a consultation meeting where you tell us why and how you need to collect data and how you want to approach digital transformation.

We will advise you on where to start, what your strategy should be to be successful in the future, and what we can help you with.

When we sit down, we can plan the next steps together.

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