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Industrial communications products 

Robust industrial communications rely on several tens of standards (PROFIBUS, PROFINET, CANbus, AS-i, etc.). For most systems, quality communication between a control system (e.g. a PLC) and peripherals (frequency inverters, remote IO systems, etc.), or between individual systems, is absolutely essential.  

We provide repeaters, hubs, connectors, cables, diagnostic devices and testers for the most common types of these communications, which are useful during network failures and the construction of new machines, and for communication diagnostics.

Our products for industrial communications:


PROFIBUS is an industrial bus used in production line automation and production control. The most common types of the PROFIBUS communication protocol include PROFIBUS DP and PROFIBUS PA.

PROFIBUS DP can be found in most industrial automation devices, production lines and CNC machines. This bus links PLCs, frequency inverters, remote IO peripherals, operator panels, etc. The PROFIBUS DP cable is made up of two wires (red/green) that transmit data using various speeds (e.g. 500 kbit, 1.5 Mb, 3 Mb, 6 Mb and 12 Mb/s). Devices linked by PROFIBUS DP have their own power supply.

PROFIBUS PA is used in process automation. You'll usually find it in the petrochemical industry, in places where data has to travel long distances, and in explosive environments. It's also used when high reading/writing speed isn't essential. Unlike PROFIBUS DP it has only one transmission speed (31.25 kbit/s). Data and power are transmitted through one cable only.

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    • In the field of high-quality wireless communications, one of the leading manufacturers of state-of-the-art devices for wireless radio data transmission is the German company Schieldknecht AG. We're proud to be a Schieldknecht AG distributor.

      We offer two types of transmission for wireless PROFIBUS: 

      • at a frequency of 2.4 GHz (indoor range up to 100 m, outdoor range up to 300 m),
      • via radio at a frequency of 869 MHz (range up to 3 km).

      We offer DATAEAGLE 3000 devices, which serve as a wireless link in the PROFIBUS network. There are several mounting types and several types of wireless transmission (the most frequent are the frequencies of 2.4 GHz, and 869 MHz – via radio).

      All DATAEAGLE 3000 devices have a built-in diagnostic Slave module. It allows variables which are provided by the radio link to be monitored and visualized. The Slave module gets its own DP address and its own GSD file, and is addressed by the PLC like any other DP Slave. You can then monitor data transmission times and many other variables.


      Main advantages of DATAEAGLE:

      • no need to modify the hardware configuration of the PLC program,
      • doesn't have a PROFIBUS address,
      • ties two ends of the PROFIBUS cable, configuration is carried out automatically,
      • wireless transmission of up to 100 – 300 m or 1 – 3 km (depending on model).

      How does it work?

      DATAEAGLE devices connect two points – data is transmitted between one Master module and one Slave module, or wirelessly, where one Master module links more Slave modules. The Slave receiver can host up to 8 PROFIBUS stations. 


    • COMbricks is a unique modular system that enables:

      • permanent PROFIBUS network diagnostics through a web browser,
      • a link between the same or different industrial networks with galvanic isolation,
      • remote PROFIBUS network diagnostics via Ethernet,
      • PROFIBUS cable – fibre optic conversion,
      • remote IO for PROFIBUS and PROFINET,
      • acts as PROFIBUS/PROFINET Coupler.

      Main advantages of COMbricks: 

      • permanent remote monitoring and diagnostics of the PROFIBUS network,
      • PROFIBUS network diagnostics via Ethernet or the Internet,
      • sends an alarm email in the event of a failure in the PROFIBUS network,
      • COMbricks doesn't require a permanent PC connection as it works on its own,
      • it enables data integration into SCADA HMI systems via OPC server,
      • the perfect diagnostic tool to be integrated into new projects right from the start.



    PROFINET is an open, manufacturer- or supplier-neutral communication standard for all levels of industrial automation.  

    It's based on Ethernet, which is commonly used for Internet and data distribution. Unlike Ethernet PROFINET is designed for industrial use, whether for communication among machines or for production line communication between PLCs and peripherals. 

    It's one of the most advanced solutions for connecting production lines via Ethernet (sensors, controllers, subsystems and production units), and such systems as PLCs, DCSs and company IT systems. 

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    • In the field of high-quality wireless communications, one of the leading manufacturers of cutting-edge devices for wireless radio data transmission is the German company Schieldknecht AG. We're proud to be a Schieldknecht AG distributor.

      For wireless PROFINET, we offer DATAEAGLE Bluetooth devices – the latest DATAEAGLE 4000 series.

      The DATAEAGLE 4000 series was developed for wireless transmission of PROFINET IO and wireless Ethernet. The use of patented filter technology guarantees a highly reliable and error-free radio link. All devices with a PROFINET IO interface can be connected via Plug & Play, without the need to configure them any further.

      Where can it be used? 

      • Replacement of data cables,
      • replacement of trailing cables/cable chains, 
      • storage systems,
      • crane systems,
      • transport vehicles,
      • water management,
      • machine construction, 
      • lifts/elevators,
      • automotive industry.

      How does it work? 

      DATAEAGLE devices connect two points – data is transmitted between one Master module and one Slave module, or wirelessly, where one Master module links more Slave modules.

    • What are the main advantages of PROFINET?

      To connect and set up a device, you only need a standard computer with a network adapter and the right software. PROFINET devices boast 2 ports, so they can be linked in a line without the need for anything else (a switch, etc.). Every PROFINET device also acts as a repeater. Whereas in the PROFIBUS network the maximum length of one segment is 100 m (linking up to 32 stations), in the PROFINET network 100 m is the maximum distance between two stations. This allows the creation of larger networks. Compared to PROFIBUS, PROFINET transmission speed is 100Mbit, which is much more than PROFIBUS can offer (up to 12 Mbit).

      Another advantage is the possibility to create various topologies (bus, tree, star, etc.) using switches and other devices. PROFIBUS is able to link only 126 devices. The default PROFINET settings allow up to 254 to be connected. The settings can be changed and many more devices can be added. In addition, thanks to VLAN several different networks can be connected to one point. PROFINET also allows standard Ethernet communication. The network can thus connect cameras, computers, and enable video streaming.


    Routers / AP


    Ethernet is one of the most common communication types in the world, which is used to connect two computers, data servers, and such devices as IP web cameras, PLC systems, etc. This communication type doesn't only rely on metallic and fibre optic cables, but can also be transmitted wirelessly.

    In the field of high-quality WiFi/Ethernet communications, we distribute products by the companies Kyland, and ACKSYS Communication & Systems. Both companies design and manufacture industrial data communication solutions (WLAN/LAN/serial). Their expertise and high-quality standards allow for their systems to be used in transporation (rail and road), industry (SCADA, automation), aviation, and for environmental applications.

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    • ACKSYS products feature:

      • reliability and durability – products are designed for use in extreme environments (high temperatures, high humidity, shockproof, vibration-resistant, etc.); every single product is tested to ensure maximum durability;
      • long life – 10 years on average; ACKSYS also designs its products, which includes developing solutions compatible with existing ones;
      • customization – ACKSYS strives to meet customers' needs and help them during every stage of their project.

    CANbus, CANopen, DeviceNet

    CANbus is a serial communication protocol originally developed for communication in vehicles. Its high reliability and easy installation are the reasons why it's often used in industry.

    The CANbus application layer includes several incompatible standards (CANbus, CANopen, DeviceNet, etc.). Devices using these standards can't communicate with each other, but use the same cables, connectors, repeaters, terminating resistors, testers, etc.

    Our Store offers all you need for CANbus, CANopen and DeviceNet:

    • connectors,
    • repeaters/bridges,
    • cables,
    • terminating resistors,
    • CANbus testers,
    • CANbus diagnostic tools.


    The AS-i is a simple industrial fieldbus for sensor and actuator integration. What's typical of this technology is the unmistakable yellow flat cable, which enables easy installation of sensors and actuators using the Click & Go mounting technique. AS-Interface devices are powered from the AS-Interface cable, which contains data and power on the same line, making AS-i easy to install.


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