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Today, effective maintenance, process control and production planning, as well as production optimisation, are not possible without collecting technological and production data. Are you about to embark on your data acquisition journey? Then you should start with collecting data from control systems and analysing it correctly.

But, imagine that data sources are hard to access and you need to collect data from:

  • Remote sites where it is impossible to build networks, be it in a manufacturing plant or in an outdoor location
  • Moving objects, such as robotic arms, conveyors and cars
  • An environment that does not provide any data – there are currently no systems in place for monitoring values and there is no infrastructure
  • Sites where building networks would be too expensive
  • Control systems whose data has to be accessible to several different applications and people across the plant or the world

Each of the situations above calls for wireless technology. It enables you to securely collect field data and transfer it to the cloud. This data can further be sent to higher-level systems, for example to MES, databases and visualisation applications.

FOXON offers

  • Consultancy services with regard to on-site / remote data collection, i.e. from several sites within one plant or from machines deployed worldwide – all of this also wirelessly via the 868 MHz frequency
  • Analysis of options for collecting data from control systems and devices via battery-powered and battery-free sensors, taking into account the customer's requirements and vision
  • Custom modification of sensors, enabling the customer to collect specific quantities
  • Scalable, open data collection solutions offering data standardisation
  • The design and implementation of on-premise/cloud database data storage
  • The development of visualisations, trends, dashboards, KPI reports and Power BI visualisations
  • Setting alarm notifications for situations when values fall out of safe thresholds
  • Modification of wiring documentation
  • Training for the customer's staff and the creation of user guides
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    How to Go About It

    Wireless PLC data collection

    Although Ewon routers are primarily designed for remote access to common control systems, the advanced Ewon Flexy 205 can also collect data from these systems and make it available for the user through the Talk2M cloud platform. As the router acts both as OPC UA server and OPC UA client, it standardises control system data by converting it, using the communication protocol that many higher-level systems, including KEPServerEX and OPC Router, understand.

    Multipurpose sensors for control cabinets

    For monitoring fast processes, such as supply voltage fluctuations, we have developed wireless sensors called FIOT Sensors. Intended for installation in control cabinets, they monitor:

    • 24 V DC quality
    • Temperatures
    • Tilt
    • Analogue and digital input values

    These sensors detect even the slightest deviations from the norm, as they take 8,000 supply voltage measurements per second and every 5 seconds send the maximum, minimum and mean values to the gateway.

    This data is then available to the user through the gateway's own web visualisation and via other applications that support the Modbus TCP protocol.

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