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What is preventing you from unlocking the potential of the IoT?

The IoT is a concept that describes the interconnection of various technological, production and IT systems and their data. Today, one of the main obstacles to leveraging the IoT is not insufficient data, but the inability to collect and capitalise on it.

Given the multitude of proprietary communication protocols, how to interface all these different systems? This cannot be achieved without data standardisation. Only then can data be seamlessly exchanged.

What data
and how can you benefit from it?

First, think about what data you want and who you need to grant access to it.

In general, PLCs, HMIs, robots and other devices provide technological and production data. Technological data includes temperatures in control cabinets, motor vibrations and electric power consumption, while production data covers, for example, the number of pieces produced, the scrap rate and production targets achieved to date.

This shop floor data has to be transferred to higher-level systems, such as MES, SAP, databases, spreadsheets, visualisations and Business Intelligence platforms, and from these systems back down to the factory floor.

FOXON offers

  • Consultancy services with regard to interconnecting various OT and IT systems across the enterprise
  • Analysis of options for exchanging data across the company, ranging from production to the management, taking into account the customer's requirements and vision
  • The design and implementation of solutions for interconnecting your systems
  • The development of visualisations, trends, dashboards, KPI reports and Power BI visualisations
  • Setting alarm notifications for situations when values fall out of safe thresholds
  • Training for the customer's staff
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    How to Go About It

    OPC Router data connector

    Up until now you have had to acquire or develop various communication interfaces to be able to transfer data between disparate systems. The OPC Router is a software program that enables you to interface diverse industrial devices with IT systems, for example machine control systems, printers, readers, email, databases and SAP. In fact, we consider OPC Router's ability to integrate production assets with SAP to be an enormous advantage.

    With the OPC Router, you can exchange data automatically – fast, easily and without any programming skills. You can see all data transfers in a user-friendly, graphical form.

    Depending on what systems you would like to interconnect, you need a combination of OPC Router plug-ins for that particular data exchange project. This means that you do not have to buy all plug-ins, but only the ones that you really need. The most popular plug-ins include the SAP, the SQL Server, the OPC UA, the MQTT Client and the Heidenhain plug-ins.

    Video Tutorials – Practical Examples

    Watch our video tutorials in Czech language. Our FOXON technicians explain how the OPC Router works and show how to use it to interconnect the most popular systems, such as OPC UA, MS SQL databases, KEPServerEX, MQTT, email and the S7-1500 PLC. Feel free to explore our YouTube channel.

    Who needs data exchange and what for?

    • Maintenance staff – for more effective condition monitoring
    • Production personnel – for assessing KPIs and controlling the production process
    • The management – for better strategic decision-making and more effective planning

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