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Industrial substitutes for Simatic S7, cable substitutes, backup batteries and floppy disk drive emulators

Industrial spare part substitutes are a popular solution thanks to their high reliability and low prices. They're fully compatible substitutes for original spare parts. Unlike original parts they can be customised to meet your expectations. So if you're faced with budget cuts, long delivery times, or the original part you need is out of stock, substitutes could be the solution you're looking for.

Our industrial alternative parts offerings:


Would you like to save money on original modules and power supplies for SIEMENS SIMATIC S7-200/300 and VIPA?

We offer products from the company SOFTLINK, which manufactures its own PLC series. Its analogue and digital modules are fully compatible with SIMATIC S7-200/300 IO modules and are about 40% cheaper than the original parts.

We stock these parts in Liberec:


  • analogue modules for S7-200 and S7-300,
  • digital modules for S7-200 and S7-300,
  • accessories for S7-300,
  • power supplies for S7-300,
  • memory cards,
  • CPU 300.

    Industrial Cables

    In collaboration with the Italian company Euroconnection, we sell fully compatible substitutes for communication cables, power cables and resolver cables with connectors for servomotors, encoders and drives from SIEMENS, FANUC, ROCKWELL, Bosch Rexroth, YASKAWA and other manufacturers. We offer professionally-made flexible and solid cables with connectors at more competitive prices.

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    • We make:

      • servo cables according to the manufacturer's original,
      • power cables and resolver cables for servomotors,
      • patch cables and cables for these industrial buses:
        • Ethernet,
        • PROFINET,
        • EtherCAT,
        • Sercos III,
        • CANopen,
        • DeviceNet,
        • PROFIBUS,
      • customized cables:
        • various cable lengths,
        • various connector types (e.g. M12 instead of M8),
        • various connector designs (e.g. non-dismountable design),
        • various wire types (e.g. flexible cable),
      • cables according to a provided sample,
      • competitive prices,
      • short delivery times.

    Backup Batteries

    Information about current backup battery status in PLC systems, frequency inverters and HMI panels is an essential item on the maintenance department's agenda before any scheduled downtime. Actually, it's a battery that helps save your data in a machine's memory during scheduled downtime or a sudden power cut.

    If there's no battery, or if it's flat, your data gets lost. The retrieval of your data can then take longer than just a few minutes. The time you set aside for checking your batteries' status and buying new ones before scheduled downtime will definitely pay off. Not only will it help keep your nerves calm, it will also save you millions of crowns by preventing data loss and further downtime.

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    • A whole range of devices (e.g. PLC systems) have a built-in battery indicator. This indicator should ensure that you're alerted whenever the battery is going flat. The problem is that you usually get alerted when the battery is already flat. If this happens when there isn't anybody on the shop floor who could change it immediately, after regular downtime the maintenance department will face data loss.

    • Most batteries have multiple product numbers. That's why we use a search engine that can indentify a battery with several product numbers. Unless you know your battery's parameters, for the battery to be identified you need to know the type of machine the battery is designed for, the battery's capacity, voltage and dimensions. Ideally, you should keep a photo of the original battery together with a record of its parameters from the manufacturer. Then we can make a new customized backup battery for you.

      You'll often find that batteries' labels show information in mAh (milliamp-hours). This value, however, doesn't show how much electrical energy the battery will generate. It shows the battery's capacity. If the mAh values on your old and new backup battery don't match, it doesn't mean your new battery is incompatible with your device. It only means that it has a different lifetime.

    • Prevention pays off 

      If you compare the time and money spent on prevention (i.e. a careful check of the status of all your backup batteries, and the purchase of new ones soon enough before scheduled downtime) with the time and money spent on dealing with the damage caused by your backup battery having gone flat, prevention does pay off. We stock common batteries used in industry, and are happy to order less common ones for you as well.

    Floppy Disk Drive Emulators

    Old machines tended to use 3.5" floppy disk drives for storing data and configuring the machine itself. What happened was that you ended up with a big number of floppy disks, and as time went by some of them were impossible to read. This can be avoided by using a floppy disk drive emulator, which will replace your old floppy disk drive. The emulator enables data from your machine to be transferred to a USB drive. A single USB drive can fit several tens of floppy disks, so you have all of them in one place. What's more, USB drives are much more durable than floppy disks.



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