Today Condition Monitoring is part and parcel of industrial production. That's why we run day-long workshops in which we share our know-how with you. The workshops include many interesting topics, for example condition monitoring of production machines, monitoring of the quality of industrial networks and monitoring of energy consumption. In the workshops, you're given a number of real-life examples that you can put to good use in your projects. In 2018, we hosted our FOXON Academy Tour workshops all over the country. This year we're planning on continuing with them.


To be able to share our extensive expertise with you, we've opened our own training centre in Liberec.

The centre features modern rooms with overhead projectors and large TVs, so PowerPoint presentations are clearly visible. Above all, the centre boasts panels with industrial automation products showing how these products operate on the factory floor. These panels enable us to give demonstrations of various products and setups.

Our training rooms are designed to comfortably fit 8 participants – this number reflects our intention to be able to cater for individual needs and offer personalised courses.

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