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Looking for Cables? Get Replacement Cables for Great Prices Within 8 Weeks

Delivery times for many industrial parts are getting longer and longer. This is also the case of industrial cables. That is why we have seen increased interest in non-OEM cables for Siemens servomotors and other parts on our online shop. Read on to learn about what benefits this solution brings to our customers.

Generic cables are cheaper and more available, yet as reliable as genuine parts

"This is what our customers have been experiencing recently. For example, for OEM cables for Siemens servomotors you now have to wait a few months. But we can get competitive replacement cables within 8–10 weeks. What's more, they're 20–40% cheaper," said Radim Hubáček, Logistics Manager at FOXON.

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kabely blog obr 1Yet these generic cables are as reliable as OEM replacement parts. Euroconnection, the manufacturer of these cables, has carefully monitored quality, tested its products and met ISO standards since 1996, when it was established. The cables are produced in Europe – in the north of Italy. "Since 2016, when we launched Euroconnection products on the Czech and Slovak markets, we haven't had a single customer complaint," said Hubáček.

How to choose the right cable?

Our Euroconnection cables are available in any length and with various connectors. You can choose from a wide range of cables – power, encoder, resolver and communication cables – not only for Siemens but also for Fanuc, Bosch Rexroth, Rockwell, Yaskawa and other makes. All cables come with a guarantee of full compatibility with OEM devices.

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In addition, on our online shop you can search replacement cables for Siemens according to original product codes used by the manufacturer. You can thus easily find a suitable non-OEM replacement for the cable that you need. If you still have not found what you are looking for, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We will be happy to help and get the right cable for you.

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