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Remote Access to Your Machines Crosses Closed Borders

Travel bans and border closures aren't worrying only the general public but also production line manufacturers and suppliers of various industrial devices, let alone their customers. PLC programmers and field service technicians aren't allowed to cross borders, making it more difficult for them to service their customers' devices. With no end to the coronavirus pandemic in view, we recommend that you set up remote access to your industrial assets so that suppliers of your machines and servicing can keep doing their jobs. Contrary to what you may think, your devices won't suffer, but will be taken care of in a far more effective way. How to go about that then? Watch our Video Tutorial below.

Closed Borders Means Disruption to Servicing Your Devices

The coronavirus crisis has had a significant impact on most businesses. More than ever before, we're using online communication to handle our responsibilities. This is also a must for service technicians from abroad who look after your machines and devices. With borders closed until further notice, on-site servicing is no longer an option.

Manage Your Devices Safely but Remotely

Still, there's a fast, easy way to overcome this obstacle. Simply equip your PLCs, HMIs and PCs with Ewon routers for remote access. You'll then be able to connect to your devices through a secure, reliable VPN tunnel, from anywhere in the world.


How to Set Up Remote Access via Ewon Routers

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1. Buy an Ewon router and install it on your device.

2. Create a free Talk2M account. Talk2M is an Ewon cloud service..

3. Install the eCatcher program on your PC.

4. Pair your Ewon router with your Talk2M account.

5. Connect your devices to be accessed remotely (PLCs, HMIs, PCs, webcams, etc.) to your Ewon router.

That’s it. Now you can remotely access your devices anytime.

Watch Our Detailed Video Tutorial

We've made a video tutorial (english subtitles included) for you in which you'll learn:

  • How to choose the right type of router for remote access
  • How Ewon provides a secure, reliable connection
  • How to remotely access the Simatic S7-300 / S7-1500 PLC or a PC

How to Choose the Right Router

You can choose from the two Ewon router types – COSY and FLEXY.

The Ewon COSY enables you to access remote Ethernet ports and devices behind them and, for example, program them or create program backups.

With the Ewon FLEXY, you can do much more. Apart from offering the COSY functionalities, it allows you to work with data from the most popular control systems. It can perform read as well as write operations and send you an alert if a threshold value has been reached. The FLEXY is also able to provide data for a database or a dashboard system.

On average, the price difference between the FLEXY all-rounder and the standard COSY is only 4,000 crowns. So before you make your choice, you might want to think about your future needs. It may be that now you only need to remotely access your PLC, but in the future you may take advantage of the FLEXY's data collection and data processing capabilities.

"We recommend that our customers equip their devices with the Ewon FLEXY router because only then can they unlock the true value of their data and make their plant floor operations more effective," says Ing. Jaromír Peterka, the FOXON CEO.




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Ability to connect the ACCON NetLink PRO Compact programming adapter for the SIMATIC S7-300/S7-400 PLC to Ethernet ports funkce ano iko funkce ano iko
Reading and writing data from / to the connected PLC funkce ne iko funkce ano iko
Setting PLC value threshold alarms and sending them via SMS / email funkce ne iko funkce ano iko
Sending tables and graphs with data for selected periods via email or FTP funkce ne iko funkce ano iko
Storing data in the Ewon's internal database (up to 1 million timestamp points) funkce ne iko funkce ano iko
Storing selected PLC data in a database on any PC anywhere in the world funkce ne iko funkce ano iko


Ewon COSY vs. FLEXY Price List

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