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Coronavirus Impacts FOXON Operations

We know you aren't going trough the best of times now. As there's a great deal of uncertainty about how companies are operating, we'd like to let you know about the situation at FOXON. What we've decided to put off, what's still the same and what we can do for you.

 We assure you that for us health comes first. At the same time the world of industrial automation hasn't stopped turning (though obviously it's slowed down a bit). At FOXON, nothing has changed when it comes to our dedication to deliver the best services possible. Still, we've had to introduce some measures to protect our employees and customers, while making sure our customers will experience as little disruption to their business as possible.

FOXON Services Now


With special stress on hygiene and other coronavirus measures, collection of parts to be repaired remains the same as before. Our sales and logistics teams are as ready to help you as ever. Similarly, our sales representatives are fully prepared to deal with your requests.
﹥ Contact our sales representatives


Orders are being received and processed the same way as before. We haven't heard from our suppliers of any interruptions to the supply of their products. Delivery times also remain the same.
﹥ Feel free to place orders as you did before.


Ongoing FIOT projects haven't been disrupted. We are now setting up video conference calls to discuss any changes you need to make in your projects. Digitalisation, optimisation, effective data collection and condition monitoring will now be more important than ever.
 Here you may find some inspiration.


We've cancelled all our upcoming training courses. We're waiting for the situation to calm down before we offer some new dates. Meanwhile, we're using the spare time to improve our existing courses and prepare new topics for you.
 We'll keep you updated on that in our newsletter.


As the AMPER 2020 has been postponed to next year, we can't meet you at our exhibition stand. But you won't miss out on the hot solutions that we were planning to share with you. We're going to introduce them to you online. Plus once the coronavirus situation is over, you'll be able to explore them in our new premises.
 Stay tuned through our blog.


Preventive Measures at FOXON

The above can work only when all of us are in good physical as well as mental health. That's why we've decided to introduce these measures at FOXON:

  • FOXON premises are now closed to visitors. Meetings with our customers are being run online.
  • Couriers are delivering and picking up goods to/from loading platform 2 only. They aren't allowed into the building now. Physical contact with them is being minimised.
  • Our employees who don't have to be physically present at FOXON are working from home.
  • Unless agreed otherwise, our sales representatives are communicating with our customers by phone.
  • Our driver who collects parts to be repaired from our customers is now equipped with a face mask and a disinfectant. Parts are being handed over in companies' reception areas. Physical contact is being minimised.
  • For our employees physically present at FOXON, the following rules apply:
    • The staff are wearing cotton face masks to cover their noses and mouths.
    • Their body temperature is being taken twice a day, using a contactless thermometer.
    • Doors are being left open to avoid contact with door handles.
    • Disinfectant sprays can be found in designated places in the building.
    • If possible, we aren't running meetings. And we're keeping a safe distance from each other.


If there's anything we can do for you, please get in touch with our sales representatives or our sales department. The coronavirus situation requires some radical measures, but we'll do our best to make you happy. We wish you good health and hope we meet sometime soon again.


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