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For Christmas Kepware Gives You KEPServerEX V6.8

KEPServerEX remains security-focused. V6.7 bugs fixed. Plus improved performance. These are the key features of the latest KEPServerEX version. Read on to learn why to upgrade to V6.8 and feel free to download it straightaway.

Let us now explore what the new version brings:

Server Runtime

  • Updated to the latest version of OpenSSL for improved security.
  • Configuration API now defaults to 1.2 and higher for TLS connections.
  • New installations require a 14-character minimum password when a password is set.

Application Report Utility

  • The Application Report Utility now collects crash dumps for the Config API Service.

Licence Utility

  • Added the ability to copy the activation ID through a context menu.
  • Refined some of the wording and terminology to improve clarity.

All Drivers

  • Alias Map: Fixed an issue introduced in 6.7 where client items that contained periods in the Alias Map portion of the item path would fail item validation.
  • Ethernet Encapsulation (serial drivers): Added an event log message to indicate if threads cannot be created. This can occur if the server reaches the thread limit for a process.
  • Advanced Statistics: The _LateData tag no longer increments on connection loss (DNRs).

DataLogger Plug-in

  • Fixed an issue introduced in 6.7 where string Numeric Item IDs were no longer supported. Customers using previous versions with existing projects that used string IDs are not able to upgrade to V6.7 but can upgrade to 6.8.

IoT Gateway Plug-in

  • Agents can be configured to only send updates in which the value has changed, ignoring quality-only changes.

ThingWorx Native Client Interface

  • Upgraded to ThingWorx CSDK Version 2.2.7.
  • Resolved a race condition that could cause loss of data when Store and Forward was enabled and active.

TIA Portal Tag Export Utility

  • ProgramBlock and DataBlock Tags now have comments exported (similar to PLC Tags for all supported TIA project versions).
  • Exporter Project Parsing Timeout default increased from 5 minutes to 10 minutes to better handle large project sizes.
  • Overall performance improved as well as other user interface enhancements to improve performance and reliability.

OPC UA Client Driver

  • Fixed an issue where the driver would not set the _Error and related system tags when unable to establish a connection to a UA Server.

OPC UA Server Interface 

  • Fixed a thread management issue that could result in a crash on some systems.
  • Resolved an issue where the server could crash due to a socket closing while in use.
  • Fixed an issue where the server reported BadSequenceNumberInvalid if the initial SequenceNumber was 1023.

V6.8 also features enhancements to other drivers. For a complete list of enhancements and information about older versions, go to the Kepware website.


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