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Unlocking the Full Version of KEPServerEX V5 Using the HW Key

Another way to unlock the full version of KEPServerEX v5 is through the hardware key. In this article, we are going to show you how to register and activate a hardware key license.


Important: For Terminal Services, licensing via the hardware key is not recommended. We recommend that you use software licenses only.

Please note: A single computer cannot support both the software and hardware license. Every new license has to be of the same type as the existing ones (i.e. If you have a software license on your computer, your new license has to be a software license as well.)

1. Install KEPServerEX v5 on your machine.
  A 2-hour KEPServerEX demo version is freely available for download from our Online Shop, in the Downloads tab of each product in the KEPServerEX Drivers and the KEPServerEX Plug-Ins categories.

2. During the installation, select the Hardware Key utility and the requested Communication Driver(s) for data access.

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3. Plug your hardware key into one of your computer's USB ports and wait for the hardware key's drivers to install (Windows always does this when a new device is plugged in.).

If you are not sure that the installation of the drivers has been performed successfully (because, for example, KEPServerEX is running only in demo mode even though you previously successfully completed the registration), check if the hardware key is listed in the Device Manager – Control Panel / System / Device Manager / USB Controllers / SafeNet Inc. … Key. If it is not listed, plug the hardware key into a different USB port.

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4. To register the hardware key certificate file, open the License Utility at Start Menu / Programs / Kepware / KEPServerEX 5 / License / License Utility.

5. In the dialog, select Manage Hardware Key Certificates and click Next.

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6. Click Import File… and browse to and select the hardware key certificate file – the .LIC file – that you received when the hardware key license was purchased. Then click Open.

Note: If your hardware key license has already been activated, in this dialog you have another two options available:

  • Copy File – This option enables you to create a copy of the hardware key certificate file, which you need to be able to use the hardware key on another computer. Select a license from the menu, click Copy File and save the copy. You can then use this copy to register the license on another computer.
  • Export File – If you are planning to use a different hardware key and want to avoid conflict with the existing one, you need to remove the hardware key certificate file from the License Utility and export it to a user defined location.
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7. On successful activation, a dialog with information about the activated license will open. Click Close to exit.

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8. When you have successfully carried out license activation, stop and then restart the server. In the system tray in the bottom right corner of the screen, right click KEPServerEX and click Stop Runtime Service and then Start Runtime Service.

This step is necessary for unlocking KEPServerEX for full-time use.

opc kepware stop runtime tray menu foxon

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