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Transferring a KEPServerEX V5 Software License

In order to transfer a software license for a Kepware product from one computer to another, you first need to deposit it in a My Kepware account. In this article, we are going to show you how to transfer a KEPServerEX v5 software license. Please note that your license is valid only for the product version that was being offered at the time of your license purchase (It is not valid for later product versions. These versions will work only in demo mode.).


opc kepware license utility start menu foxon

A similar software license transfer process to the one described below also applies to LinkMaster V3 and RedundancyMater V2. Each has its own website and License Utility. The rest of the instructions are the same.


1. To transfer a software license, open the License Utility at Start Menu / Programs / Kepware / KEPServerEX 5 / License / License Utility.

2. In the Welcome dialog, select Manage Software Licenses and then click Next.

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3. In the next dialog, select Transfer a product activation and click Next.


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4. In the drop-down menu, select the product that will be transferred and click Save to File… . The License Utility will then display a file-browse dialog, allowing you to save the generated request file, “transfer_request.txt”. We recommend renaming the file for easy identification – you can, for example, put the first few numbers of the Activation ID first, i.e. xxxxxxx_transfer_request.txt).


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5. IMPORTANT! By clicking Save to File… above, the license on the machine will be deactivated, meaning that the software will return to running in 2 hour demo mode. If you do not want to proceed with the transfer and allow the software to run in demo mode, click Cancel in the dialogs below.


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6. When you have saved the transfer_request.txt file, the license information for the product will be removed from the list box. Click Close to close the dialog.


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7. Completing the license transfer process requires an Internet connection and a My Kepware account. The license has to be stored in the account and then activated on a second machine. If you have Internet access, create a My Kepware account. If not, please contact us.


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8. At click My Kepware. Either log into your existing account or by clicking Sign up create a new account.

9. When you have logged into your My Kepware account, click Transfer License.


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10. At the top of the page, click Choose file to browse to the transfer request file previously saved. Once selected, click Open. Next, click Process Transfer Request and store the license in your account.


opc kepware transfer sw license foxon img08

11. When you have clicked Process Transfer Request, the page will get updated and display the following message: "License Number has been successfully banked and may be reactivated".

12. To complete the license transfer process and activate the license on a second machine, follow the instructions in our article Activating a Software License for KEPServerEX V5. If you do not store your license in your My Kepware account, you will not be able to generate an Activation Response File and transfer the license to a second machine.

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