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Do You Have Machines All over the World? Remote Access Reduces Call-Outs by 50%

How does a wastewater treatment system producer service its control systems that are deployed worldwide? A call-out service by qualified engineers is no longer the only option. Read on why the producer has chosen Ewon routers for remote access and how it has benefited from the implementation.

In-Eko Team

IN-EKO manufactures stainless steel water management systems, particularly wastewater treatment solutions. Its customers include industrial enterprises as well as cities and towns. Although the IN-EKO plant is based in Tišnov, Czechia, the company has a worldwide presence.


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An Increasing Number of Foreign Customers

As IN-EKO was growing, it was receiving a rising number of orders from foreign customers – not only from Central Europe but virtually from all over the world. The call-out service that the producer provided to maintain its systems was therefore becoming more expensive, let alone the fact that its trained technicians were spending more and more time travelling to customer sites.


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Remote Access – Reliable and Secure

As the situation called for a new solution, IN-EKO decided to look for a system that would allow it to remotely access its water management solutions deployed at customer sites. The main criterion for this system was highly reliable, secure connection.

"Before we equip all our machines with a remote access system, we have to carefully consider two things. First, we need to be able to connect to our machines anytime, fast and easily. Second, we have to keep in mind that many of our customers are very concerned for the security of their data and very reluctant to connect their control systems to the Internet," said Petr Dvořáček from IN-EKO.


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Ample Time for Testing

in eko blog obr3With the main criterion in mind, IN-EKO began the testing of several different industrial remote access routers. This year-long endeavour resulted in IN-EKO choosing the Ewon COSY 131 industrial router as the winner.

Although the Ewon was slightly more expensive than its rival, it beat its competitor by offering highly secure VPN connection and the Talk2M cloud service. With the Talk2M supporting server redundancy, the Ewon boasted absolute reliability. The result was outstanding – no connection failures or data lost.


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Call-Outs Reduced by 50%

Without having to travel to a customer site, using the Ewon COSY 131 an IN-EKO service engineer can now easily deal with a control system fault or failure anytime, including program modification and backup. The producer estimates that call-outs have dropped by up to 50%. This translates into cost savings and greater staff efficiency, as qualified engineers are always hard to find.

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The Ewon Router in Every Machine

IN-EKO now aims to equip all of its machines with the Ewon COSY 131 router already during production and thus provide customers with an added benefit that can significantly accelerate future servicing.

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