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Augmented Reality and an Interactive 3D Model – Innovative Data Visualisation for the Maintenance Department

In collaboration with BOSCH Diesel, we’ve assessed the importance of augmented reality for everyday maintenance. These are the conclusions we’ve reached.


bosch vector logo smallThe company BOSCH DIESEL s.r.o. is the world‘s biggest production plant within Bosch Group for manufacturing modern Common Rail diesel injection systems. It mainly produces high-pressure diesel injection pumps, high-pressure rails and pressure control valves. As is the standard in the automotive industry, Bosch puts the accent on high quality and effectiveness.

Launching the Project

We met at the AMPER 2016 trade fair, where we captured Bosch Diesel representatives‘ attention with our demo of augmented reality and a 3D model with live data. As Bosch Diesel is a pioneer in the implementation of Industry 4.0 principles, we agreed to develop a joint project whose aim was to assess the effectiveness of this innovative form of data visualisation in practice.fiot ref monitor 9 web 04acfe37

Project Objectives

The project was designed to:

  • implement IoT innovations into operations monitoring
  • visualise production and technological data using a 3D model and augmented reality
  • provide access to real-time data on-site
  • determine if the solution was effective and useful on the shop floor

3D model výborní linky v Bosch Diesel rozšířený o živá technologická a výrobní data


We decided to carry out the project in the hardening shop, where pump parts are made. We created 3D models of individual parts of the production line and a mobile application which allowed for production and technological data to be visualised on a tablet and mobile phone. The application can process almost 250 measured values. Apart from providing real-time values, it enables the setup and monitoring of thresholds for essential parameters. It can also provide relevant documentation and batch visualisation.

The user, for example a maintenance engineer, has access to all of the above-mentioned information on their tablet. They‘re looking at a machine via their tablet and the application is adding digital information to the picture on the screen. The engineer can see live production and technological data, alerts and references to relevant parts of documentation. They don‘t have to leave the site and have all they need on their tablet.

The 3D model of a particular machine works in a similar way. In addition, it can be manipulated so that you can check individual components without having to disassemble the machine.

The project was undertaken in collaboration with the Bosch Diesel IT Deparment in order to ensure that the company‘s safety and technological standards were being complied with.

Detail 3D modelu výborní linky v Bosch Diesel rozšířeného o živá technologická a výrobní data

What Benefits Did the Project Bring?

Above all, the project brought the benefits of mobility and improved response time of maintenance staff. The reactions of first users were positive. In addition, the users suggested ideas for further use of the solution in maintenance processes.

In the project, Bosch Diesel was a very inspiring partner. It‘s very open to innovations and isn‘t afraid to pioneer new solutions. Through our collaborative effort, not only did we manage to prove that this kind of solution could work, we developed a tool that could be put to good use on the shop floor.tablet AR

In the future, the solution can be extended to include additional services for maintenance planning, the use of knowledge bases, an automated system for ordering spare parts and a tool for creating photographic documentation. All of this in a single platform and on a single device.

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