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Ing. Jaromír Peterka

Jaromír is the heart and soul of FOXON. He started the company without any other partners, but thanks to his creative ideas and wise choice of colleagues FOXON keeps growing. He runs a company where "innovation" isn't just an empty word.

Jaromír is an incredibly versatile man. He's an expert on industrial communications, remote access, wireless data collection, industrial spare part repairs and parts from alternative manufacturers. He loves to share his expertise and help our customers make their shop floor operations more efficient and effective. This makes him a CEO who not only runs the business but also keeps meeting customers at workshops and for consultations. His personal way of delivering success to our clients is exactly what he finds most meaningful.

Sales – Key Account Managers:

Michal Tůma

A few years ago, Michal so fell in love with the friendly atmosphere in FOXON that he decided to join our team. For his great love for people and finding win-win solutions with them, we chose him for the position of CSO, which he has considerable experience with.

Mgr. Tomáš Šindelář

Tomáš has been with us since December 2009. As he holds the position of Sales/Technical Consultant, his job is to convince customers of the quality of our products and services and help them troubleshoot the problems they face. Tomáš is responsible for the Liberec and Hradec Králové Regions.

Mgr. Milan Bernkopf

Milan joined our team as Sales/Technical Consultant in 2012. He introduces customers to our products and advises them on how to use them. He also collects faulty spare parts from our customers and delivers them back to their premises. He loves it when he can get our customers out of a tight spot. Milan is in charge of the Ústí nad Labem Region.

Radim Petráček

Radim started working for FOXON in 2014. He was offered and accepted the post of Sales/Technical Consultant. Radim is responsible for the Prague and Central Bohemia Regions.

Petr Erban

Petr works for FOXON as Sales Representative and is in charge of the Plzeň, South Bohemia and Karlovy Vary Regions. He's constantly on the road, meeting those who need our services.

Daniel Marášek

Daniel comes from Moravia, which makes him well equipped to cater for our customers in that part of the Czech Republic. He represents FOXON in the Olomouc and Moravian-Silesian Regions. His cheerfulness and ability to find practical solutions are the reasons why he's so popular with our customers.

Adam Pokorný

Adam is our Sales Representative for the Hradec Králové and Pardubice. He loves to solve all kinds of problems that you can encounter on the shop floor.

Rastislav Rudavský

Rastislav is a live example of the fact that Czechs and Slovaks still are one nation. Having been inspired by FOXON's services and innovative solutions, he decided to introduce them in Slovakia.

Jan Hradil

Jan is always available to meet you anywhere in the Czech Republic. He's very knowledgeable about products in our online shop. He'll be happy to help you choose the best possible solution for you.

Ing. Zuzana Pabišková

Since 2019, Zuzka has been a partner for all the projects we implement at ŠKODA AUTO a.s. With unceasing enthusiasm, a smile and a determination to find a solution, he throws himself at every problem or requirement.

Sales Support Department:

Renata Marková

Renata started working for our business in fall 2008. She caters for about twenty of our VIP customers. Sometimes she leaves her office to meet her customers in person to learn about their burning needs and to elicit tips on how we could improve our services. She's always glad to hear that our customers are satisfied with our services.

Martin Hrivňák

Martin has been working for FOXON for quite a few years. As he's working in the Sales Support Department, his job is to process orders and do invoicing. He's also in charge of purchasing spare parts and arranging their repairs.

Radka Šrámková

Although Radka is the latest addition to our Sales Support Department, she managed to learn the ropes incredibly fast. She tackles all her tasks with great determination. Besides that, she's very patriotic about Liberec. She seems to have joined our team because of the stunning view of Ještěd.

Back Office:

Barbora Kubánková

Barbora joined FOXON after five years' maternity leave. She's Personal Assistant to the CEO. Apart from that, she's responsible for HR management, audits and anything that needs to be taken care of.

Zuzana Šťastná

Zuzana became a member of our team in 2016. Her job involves doing invoicing and payments. In addition, she prepares materials for our accountants. Sometimes you'll find her immersed in numbers when she's creating tables and graphs showing how our products are getting on on the market.

Hana Grošaftová

Hana sits in her office all day, doing the meticulous work of checking that all the invoices we issue are paid and that all the invoices we get we pay in time. She also prepares materials for our accountants and keeps an eye on our company's cash flow.


Jana Vondráčková

Jana's job is to make sure that FOXON is visible online as well as offline so that new customers keep coming and understand our vision. She's passionate about following the latest marketing news.

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