Inductive Automation

Inductive Automation

The US company Inductive Automation was established in 2003. It develops and supplies industrial automation web software. Inductive Automation's flagship product is the Ignition SCADA platform. The company has pioneered the use of interoperability standards in the SCADA industry. It is a proponent of Open Source software and a supporter of the OPC Foundation.

Inductive Automation's customers come from a range of industries – oil and gas industry, wastewater treatment, food and beverage, public utilities, power industry, research, transport, chemical industry, mining, aviation, broadcasting, printing, plastics, construction industry and process industry. It maintains its presence in over 90 countries, offering its products through more than 1,200 systems integrator partners.

FOXON is proud to be an Ignition system integrator for Czechia. Our partnership with Inductive Automation started in 2021.

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