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We Remember to Share Our Success with Others by Supporting Non-profit Organisations and Various Other Projects


Centre for the Disabled of the Liberec Region o.s. (Centrum pro zdravotně postižené Libereckého kraje o.s.) is an organisation which provides services for and helps disabled people.
It offers professional counselling, a rehabilitation aids loan service, an assistance service, translation and interpreting services, a social activities programme for families with children and much more.
The Creating From the Heart Project was launched in collaboration with the Artefaktum Society. The project aims to bring together disabled artists and the public from the Liberec Region. Every year project administrators award a special prize – the Blue Elephant Award.
The events held as part of the project have been an important part of the cultural scene of the Liberec Region as well as the Czech Republic.

We have been supporting the project since 2009. Our financial contributions have helped plan and implement the project.

In July 2015, we received the Blue Elephant Award For Distinguished People for long-term support of the project.


The Faces of Liberec Project was launched by the Liberec photographer Radek TEOPE Drbohlav. The project involves photography exhibitions, which have been a great success. Photos from these exhibitions have won some of the most prestigious photography awards in the Czech Republic.
The exhibitions display portraits of distinguished and important people from Liberec, who have enhanced Liberec's reputation or whose life stories have captured the attention of the public. The last exhibition to be held as part of this project will take place in 2018. The total number of photos that will have been shown will be 100.
FOXON has been collaborating with Radek for quite some time. Radek takes high-quality photos for FOXON. This year, in collaboration with him, FOXON also published a calendar with breathtaking photos of Liberec.


The traditional Majáles student festival, which takes place on the premises of the university halls in Harcov every May and features live bands, is a popular event not only for university students but also for the general public. As we like to reminisce about our university days and some of us actually stayed in the Harcov halls a few years, we're glad to contribute to this festival.


The TULIPÁN ASSOCIATION runs a sheltered workshop employing the disabled. We support TULIPÁN by buying its beautiful cups and mugs, which we then present as gifts to our customers.


Anyone can find themselves in a situation when they need the help and support of others. We support LIFE FOR CHILDREN by contributing to its Days of Hearts events. LIFE FOR CHILDREN's mission is to help sick, disabled and abandoned children throughout the Czech Republic.
Donations enable LIFE FOR CHILDREN to buy its children various rehabilitation, medical and teaching aids and other essential equipment and run recovery and rehabilitation camps.

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TANGO, based in Havlíčkův Brod, has had 47 team members, who have been in a difficult situation sometime in their life. They all have first-hand experience with what it's like when you aren't given a chance to show what you can do. TANGO, with its Donate a Toy Project, has made Christmas Christmassy for over 30,000 children from children's homes across the Czech Republic. We hope our financial contribution will help them break the barriers they're faced with.

TANGO, Managers in Wheelchairs


The history of the TJ LOKOMOTIVA LIBEREC basketball club dates back to 1945, when a few basketball players founded the men's and women's Sokol Liberec basketball clubs. Since 1956, the women's basketball club has been a household name in the highest league of women's basketball. The club's success lies in the fact that the club trains girls from a very young age.

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